Think Your Handyman is done with the Job? Make Sure before you Pay

Here’s the scenario: you hire a handyman, lay out what you want done and you get a quote. You’re probably thinking this is great – you know what you’re getting done and you know just how much it will cost. Your handyman has probably even mentioned how long it will take to get things done.

Of course, you’ll have to order the supplies so you can actually get the work done, but your handyman should have considered this in the price. If you received a quote based just off work, then it’s up to you to purchase any supplies. If your handyman has quoted you based off work alone you shouldn’t need to put any money down on the project at all. This is because you will buy all parts that will be needed to get the job down and your handyman will bill you for the hours you work.

Now, if your handyman is going to be purchasing all parts for you it’s likely that you’re see it reflected in the price of the job. This means that you don’t have to chase down parts, but it can also cost you more upfront. In this case, you should only give your handyman the funds for the parts that will be needed and hold back payment for work done.

Regardless of whether you’re allowing your handyman to do all the ordering and picking up of your parts or you’re going to do it on your own, you should always make sure that the whole job is done the way you want before you pay. Remember that your beginning estimate can be used as a guide to be sure that you’re not being overcharged. It is okay for you to request all receipts for products purchased for your project so you can decide if you’re being charged fairly.

Once you know that the entire project has been done to your specifications and you’re being charged fairly, then it’s okay to release the rest of the payment to your handyman for services rendered. A good handyman knows the drill when it comes to payments and won’t be upset when you insist that this is the way you need it done, so don’t be afraid to insist that everything be done correctly and to your specifications or you might find that you’re out of some money.